Matthew 17, Mark 9, and Luke 9:28-62

Jesus takes three disciples to the top of the mountain.  They are allowed to see a magnificent scene.  Moses and Elijah join Jesus in conversation.  They see Jesus’ clothes become whiter than any white they had ever seen.  They hear the voice of God.  Terror and awe strike them.  What they witnessed was the glory of God through Jesus.  This glory was seen in previous generations, but what the disciples see and hear confirms that Jesus is the Messiah, the chosen one of God.  While the disciples are told to remain silent about what they had experienced, it is obvious that being the chosen three has an affect on the group as a whole.  Both Mark and Luke tell us that a few days later they are arguing about who is the greatest disciple.  Without mentioning specifics you can almost hear one of the three boasting about being with Jesus on top of the mountain.  Another of the three may have spoken about his ability to heal the boy if they hadn’t been with Jesus on top of the mountain.  Before long there are arguments between the 12.  Jesus reminds them that humility is necessary to walk with him.  To see the glory of God is a privilege not an accomplishment.  To walk with Jesus is an opportunity not a resume building event.  To serve Jesus is our honor not our right.  The glory of the mountain top finds its fullest expression in humble service not prideful arrogance.  As servants of Jesus, we live in this world humbly seeking ways to allow others to see the glory of God.