Romans 8-10


Chapter 8 is filled with phrases of triumph and victory.  Because we belong to Christ, we are given real life.  When we live by the Spirit then by the Spirit we have life forever.  This same Spirit allows us to know that we belong to God.  He confirms for us that we are God’s children.  This same Spirit allows us to use the term “Abba” as we speak with God.  Abba is a term of endearment and closeness.  But do not overlook 8:17.  To share in Christ’s glory is also to share in his suffering. This life is not about ease and comfort.  While we value such things and want them, Christ lived in this world with suffering and we who belong to him suffer as well.  Let us not be surprised by Paul’s words.  Do not reject them because they sound harsh.  We live in a world tainted by sin.  Things are not right in this world.  We anticipate the day when we will experience the fullness of life with God. Until that day, we wait.  We trust.  We live with suffering waiting and anticipating the fullness that God has for us.  We live now knowing that real living is with God.  Lord come quickly.