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Voser Reports

Thun, Switzerland Ivan Voser is minister for the congregation which meets in Thun, Switzerland.  Here are recent reports on the work with this congregation. Ivan and Lena Voser Ziegeleistrasse 34a 3612 Steffisburg Switzerland Sponsoring congregation: Park Ave church of Christ [Phone: 901 682-1220] 5295 Park Ave Memphis TN 38119-3543 Reports: April ’15 March ’15 February ’15 January ’15 December ’14 November ’14 October ’14 September ’14 August ’14 July ’14 June ’14 May ’14 April ’14 March […] . . . → Read More: Voser Reports

Voser Report – Mar ’10

Newsletter March 2010 Dear brothers and sisters, Grillfest planning group at our apartment In April and May two groups will meet to plan two informal and non-threatening church meetings in July and December for which we want to invite guests. This is a new effort to evangelize and we hope that this helps to make the churchs’ outreach […] . . . → Read More: Voser Report – Mar ’10

Voser Report – Feb ’10

Newsletter February 2010 Dear brothers and sisters, In the last few years the membership has varied from 20 to more than 25, not counting children. Currently, we are 24 members and 7 children/teenagers. Although we have been growing, we have also lost members. We lost members because they stopped wanting to meet with the church for various […] . . . → Read More: Voser Report – Feb ’10

Voser Report – Jan ’10

Dear brothers and sisters, We had a very cold month of January. Temperatures stayed for most of the time below the freezing point during the day. One Wednesday we cancelled the Bible class in the evening because the streets were extremely icy. We had never before cancelled any Wednesday night Bible class, but this time it […] . . . → Read More: Voser Report – Jan ’10

Voser Report – Dec ’09

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Elena Louisa when she was only a few days old In the month of December we had two new births in our congregation. Our son, Ilja, was born on December 3 and Regina gave birth to Elena Louisa on December 17. Andrea is still pregnant in her 6th month and is expected to […] . . . → Read More: Voser Report – Dec ’09

Voser Report – Nov ’09

Newsletter November 2009 Dear brothers and sisters, During the whole month of November we were eagerly expecting the birth of our son. On December 3 at 8:27 in the morning, the time of waiting came to an end and the baby was delivered safely. His name is Ilja which means “God is Yahweh.” Ilja is the Russian […] . . . → Read More: Voser Report – Nov ’09

Voser Baby Shower – Nov 22, ’09

Lena and Ivan Voser are expecting their first child with a due date of November 29. We collected funds to shower them with gifts for the new one. They had clothes for the first three months so our ladies purchased clothing from three months. Sunday evening, November 22, following our evening assembly we had a […] . . . → Read More: Voser Baby Shower – Nov 22, ’09

Voser Report – Oct ’09

Dear brothers and sisters, Lena’s pregnancy continues to go well. However, we received news from her mother who lives in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine, that she has cancer. After a successful operation, she is now undergoing chemo therapy. Lena’s mother asked us to pray for her. Four People from the White Station Church of Christ Visit […] . . . → Read More: Voser Report – Oct ’09

Voser Report – Sept ’09

Dear brothers and sisters, Lena and I are about to come to a major turning point in our lives: the birth of our first baby. We know in theory that everything will be different. In practice we cannot quite imagine how different it will be. November 29 is the due date for our baby. Anxiety and […] . . . → Read More: Voser Report – Sept ’09