Which Lord do you really serve, Satan or Jesus? (John 11:45-57)

Frank Bolling, October 8, 2017
Part of the Study of John series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

John 11:45-57
Which Lord do you really serve, Satan or Jesus?

I wonder what Stan thought when Jesus was sent by God as a fully human man.
- Satan thought it was a n opportuinty to temp Jesus.
- If you are the Son of God....?
- Maybe I can use the religious leadders to trap Jesus...
- Jesus answers with Godly insights
- Satan thought, what am I going to do?

Demon sitting on Caiaphas shoulder:
"haven't you served God, he is disrespectful you and your office,
he is dishonoring your family, your nation will suffer, you can save your rnation however you were squeemish,
when you kill Jesus he will not be remebered, but, you will be remebered as the savior of the nation of Isreal"

The Jewish leaders are seeking how to eliminate Jesus influence.

Sin has the power to make us
- make decisions that we wouldn't have made otherwise.
- leads us to places we never would go.
- Companions we never thought we would have.
- Leads to death

Bad decisions grow from small first steps to doing things we never thought we would.

Luckily we follow someone, Jesus, that leads to eternal life.

We follow someone who has ALL of the power...

If we let him have his way with us:
- We will have eternal life
- peace
- freedom

Only one way to get these things, it is through Jesus.

Will you follow Jesus?

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