Nonogaki Report Dec 29 ’08

uenohara122908On the 24th of December, we had a gospel meeting at Uenohara Church of Christ. Some Japanese people “come to church” on the Christmas Day.” This is better than nothing. Five visitors came to the meeting. Two others people regularly come to the assembly, but they were only sprinkled.

The left picture shows that we were having a fellowship meal and singing songs.

At the Uenohara Church of Christ, I have been actively involved in evangelizing the community because they asked me to do so. I hope we will regularly a gospel meeting. I also visit people as often as possible.

yokotaj122908Meantime, the Yokota Japanese congregation has an assembly at my house while the new building is under construction. A couple of them come from a far distance. It takes a few hours to get to my house. They cannot find a biblical church near where they live. Since they live far way, they cannot come to a mid week bible study or any kind of activity in the week days. Therefore, I use Internet to communicate with them.

In His name,
Masa Nonogaki

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