From the Elders (COVID-19)

We are very aware of the announcements and recommendations being made in an effort to minimize the spreading of covid-19. We are also aware that with all the attention given to this virus, our anxiety and worry increases. In light of all the increased and warranted concerns, we have implemented some changes to lessen the possibility of any of us getting sick.

  1. Thank you to Scott Chrisman. All of our communion trays have been sanitized and will be ready for Sunday.
  2. Communion bread will be in individual squares for the foreseeable future. This will allow us to share in communion while avoiding the passing of germs.
  3. Gordon placed sanitizing stations at most of the doors. You are encouraged to use these and to wash your hands before and after the assembly.
  4. Those with compromised immune systems because of age, colds, flu are encouraged to remain home. This is for your safety and for others.
  5. If you prefer not to shake hands, that is fine. Our love for each other can be expressed through a warm smile and a friendly greeting.
  6. Lastly, as elders we are discussing other ways to promote our health and safety. We will continue to meet together on Sunday morning each week.
  7. As you pray for so many different things, please pray that our faith will be seen more than our fear.

Our love,
Paul, Carl, Mike, Barney, Dana

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