JAN 19, 2019 – READINGS

Leaders Eat Last is the book I have been reading recently. Its author is Simon Sinek. Last year I read his another book, Start With WhyLeaders Eat Last is about leadership as the title indicates, but it is more like his observation on what is happening in the US in relation to leadership. It is actually a great book for me to read and helps me understand many aspects of leadership.

Japanese preachers should also read this book although the author’s stories are all American.

I try to read a book every other month. That’s only what I can afford, but it is a good investment for me.

JAN 18, 2019 – 2018 AND 2019

The year 2018 was a very exciting one for all the members of the Japanese congregation. We had an area-wide joint worship service at Yokota Church of Christ. Bro. Hara, a member of the Yokota Church spoke on how he became a Christian. As he told his stories from his childhood to the present, he was choked up a little bit. Some of the people in the audience were choked up too. It was a dramatic event for all of us. (see pictures below)

In 2019, we have a new plan. I would like us to buy a video camera. The purchase of the video camera is to record basic lessons with visual aids. In these lessons, I will speak specifically to reach out to members’ friends who would like to come to our assembly but are a little hesitant to come. Also, some of the members have to work when we have a bible study, so they cannot come to the study. They can watch the videos in the internet too.