Mid-week Small Groups


The purpose of meeting during the week at the building has never been to only have a Bible study but more to allow Christians to come together and encourage one another in their faith. Having small groups has the same purpose, to come together in a more intimate setting to deepen relationships and faith. Additionally, these groups will fulfill the broader vision of Park Avenue Church of Christ by doing community outreach and serving the needs of families.


There are several groups for you to choose from based on age and topic.

  • Young Adult Group – This is a group of young adults that meets together to share in faith, community, and bible study. It is comprised of families with young children, couples, and singles. Come join this group as we share in the joys and struggles of young adulthood and navigate this walk together while encouraging one another.
  • Adult Group with No Children – This is a group for adults who want to study the word and grow in their relationships with other adults. This group is comprised of couples and singles who don’t have children or no longer have children in the home.
  • Multi-Generational Group – This group seeks multi-generational bonds and community as we study the word of God together. It is comprised of singles, couples, and families, really anyone who wants to join.
  • Outreach/Service Group – A group of people that wants to become the hands and feet of Jesus to the Sea Isle community and beyond. We meet not only to study the word and grow together as a family, but to also plan service activities for the whole family. Come prepared to work and serve.

What to do if I want to join a group:

  • First, decide which group you would like to participate in. Then, let Frank Bolling know by signing up (below) or emailing him at frank.bolling@parkave.org, or by filling out one of the group cards located on the literature tables and at the back of the auditorium.
  • The deadline to sign-up for a group is Sunday, August 22.
  • After the deadline, Frank will divide groups up if needed and contact each group and instruct them to find a time to meet and report back to him.
  • Groups will meet from September 12th through November 20th. Groups will break for the winter and start again on January 16th and go through the end of April.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Groups are encouraged to meet weekly and can meet anytime between Monday and Saturday each week.
  • Groups can meet anywhere. They can be in homes, park, or you can plan to meet at the building if you prefer.

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