Men’s Retreat – Jan 14-15, 2022

Men’s Retreat – January 14-15, 2022 with Colton Shannon

Twenty-two plus men came together to encourage each other and learn. Colton Shannon (fourth from the left front row) was the special facilitator for our time together. He spoke three times from Jeremiah. We broke out into small groups twice plus a group discussion after his final lesson.

Here are some of the points Colton made during our time together.

  • Willingness to be in pain for something that matters more than the pain – Jeremiah complained to the Lord (12:1-4) and the Lord replied (12:5ff); Jeremiah was in pain for something that mattered more than the pain.
  • God invites us, like he did Jeremiah, to be in pain for a mission that matters more than our pain.
  • How leaders deal with their pain is inevitably contagious to the flock/family. We can’t give what we don’t have – Israel’s sins were engraved on their hearts and on the altar (Jeremiah 17:1-4); trusting in man (relying on ourselves) is like a shrub in the desert while trusting in the Lord and the help He gives through spiritual relationships is like a tree planted by water (Jeremiah 17:8ff); we need to be in relationship with other godly men to obtain the help we need; we are a group project.