Sun Chung – Alaska Campaign

From the Foreign Evangelism Committee:

Some of you may remember Sun Chung, a student from Korea who attended Harding Academy and graduated from there in 2007. He attended Park Avenue for a part of his time here, as did his mother, Young Park.  Sun is now a student at Harding University, and is planning to work in a campaign in Ketchikan, Alaska from March 7-14. He is seeking approximately $1,500 in support for this work, and he has requested our assistance.

Park Avenue does not have funds budgeted for short-term works, but there may be individuals who are in a position to assist. He needs funds by February 13. Due to the short deadline, we will not try to collect funds, but they need to be sent directly to:

Ketchikan Alaska Team
Spring Break Mission Office
Box 10776
Search, AR 72149-0776