What Does Age Have to Do With It?

A lot, if it has to do with the opportunity to teach about Jesus.  In telling you this story, I will have to confess that I let a wonderful opportunity slip through my fingers.

At a retail women’s clothing store recently, my total amount came up to my birth year, $19.43.  I said, “That rings a bell, that’s my birth year.”

The cashier said, “It is?”

I said, “Yes mam, I’m 65 and I really like this time of my life.”

From behind me came a voice, “Why do you like being 65?”

I turned and found a woman somewhere near my age.  My response to her was, “At this age, I know who I am, what my principles are, where I’ve been and most of all, where I’m going.”

She said, “That’s a very good answer.  I can agree on everything but one.  I’m not sure where I’m going.”

Oh, saints, where were those cards I usually carry with the church address and times of meetings?  There was a line, so I felt I couldn’t interrupt everything to talk at length with her, or could I have?

We are to be seed planters.  I did plant a seed because she was really thinking about it; I just wish I had been prepared with that card.  Truly, I believe God wants me to learn from that experience and not beat myself up over it.

That will do … I’m already praying for another opportunity.  Would you pray for one too?

Love, Suzanne (Dillard)
Copied by permissin from “Levy Family” a weekly bulletin of the Levy church of Christ, North Little Rock, AR [www.LevyChurch.com]