Nonogaki Report Feb 20 ’09

Preachers’ Meeting

09-02-pm01We had a preachers’ meeting last Sunday. We studied the discipleship of Jesus Christ and challenged ourselves to be authentically his disciples.

On June 3-5, we plan to have a nation-wide preachers’ and missionaries’ meeting. We will study the same subject and apply to churches. I pray that the meeting will be fruitful.

I am in charge of coordinating this meeting. This is a hard work, but I have been enjoying serving people.

Yokota church of Christ

09-02-ykt011The Yokosuka church of Christ from Yokosuka Navy Base and the Yokota church of Christ got together last week. About 40 of us worship God together. The Yokosuka congregation has been helping us in our building project. We saw our old friends.

09-02-ykt021The worship service took place in the Tachikawa church building, the church gladly let us use their facilities while we are getting the new building built.

09-02-ykt031Churches of Christ Community Site

I have been making a churches of Christ community site. If you are able to read Japanese, click the site.

Even if you cannot read Japanese, you will be able to read something in English. I made a default language English so that American missionaries can participate in discussions on the site or write an article. Of course, Japanese Christians can write an article in Japanese, too.

By this site, I plan to make a network of people and give lots of information on Japan School of Evangelism for which I serve as a board member. This works not only for the school, but will help all the members of the Lord’s church to have a dialogue with one another and encourage one another in Christ. Those people who cannot come regularly to the worship service or a Bible study can listen to an audio lesson or have a devotional by reading an article.

This site makes possible to communicate with people who are living far away from each other. Unlike other community sites, the site has no offensive ads and has a complete control over what takes place in it.

Also some people need to have a study guide. For such people, there is a download system by which they can download some study materials.

Or lots of people desire to know what is happening in mission work in other parts of Japan because they want to pray for them. Preachers and missionaries can freely write an article on any faith building subjects. Any sincere Christians write an article or comment on other articles, too.

By the Lord’s help I have been able to make it, but I need to receive more wisdom and strength to continue in this work. In order to make this work well, I need to have lots of participation of preachers and teachers.

Would you pray for this project?

In His name,
Masa Nonogaki

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