Ray Report Feb 24 ’09

February 24, 2009


We have finally gotten our schedule for the US. I know it is late. I am sorry. We will not be able to go everywhere as we have so little time this time. If you live in these areas, we hope to see you. I will give you a phone number in each area where I hope we can be reached. Here is the schedule and contact person for each city where we will stay.

  • Mar 2 – Monday – Leave Narita-15:45
  • ———- Arrive Memphis-16:26 – Contact: Dwight Albright 901 682-1220
  • Mar 9 – Monday – Leave Memphis-13:45
  • ———- Arrive Houston-15:40 – Contact: Robert Ray 281 583-0327
  • Mar 14 – Saturday – Leave Houston-15:50
  • ———- Arrive Dallas-FW-16:56 – Contact: Larry Johnson 817 277-7444
  • Mar 19 – Thursday – Leave Dallas-FW-16:50
  • ———- Arrive Los Angeles-20:15 – Contact: Mike Gregory 805 241-0268
  • Apr 6 – Monday – Leave Los Angeles-12:35
  • Apr 7 – Tuesday – Arrive Narita-16:30

It was difficult to get the flights we wanted, at the time we wanted, and at the price we could afford.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you. It is cold here now and I expect it is cold there, too. Our first flight takes us to Detroit, before taking us to Memphis! We have heard of the many problems with snow and ice there. Please pray for our safe travel.

I thank you all for the support we have received over the years. I figured out about how much we have received from you and I was surprised! About $600,000 during our more than 32 years in Japan. I sometimes wonder if it is worth it. How could the money have been better spent, but then I read letters sent to me from different people and I know God is happy. One lady, who no longer lives near us, is so happy that her husband is now wanting to come to worship with her. She was so thankful that she met Christ through Jean and me. Another lady in Tomobe has been bringing her husband to evening worship and her daughter has been coming to morning worship. She originally came to learn a little bit about Christianity, in one sitting, because her daughter was starting to a Christian junior high. Fortunately she did not stop and has been a Christian nearly 8 years. Her daughter will soon be a senior in college. The Tomobe church has grown from 4 to over 40 members. It is great to stand up and see 25-30 members instead of the 10 or so we saw for so many years. I am praying for a new building and over 100 in attendance before I have to bow out. It is not just the numbers, but to see that many people loving God and enjoying worshiping Him from the heart. Thanks again. I hope to see you in the States in the next month.

Serving Him in Japan,

Marlin and Jean Ray

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