Nonogaki Report Mar 8 ’09

March 8, 2009

The Completion of the New Church Building

As the completion of the new church building is approaching, we have lots of work to do. Click here to see the progress of the construction. We are supposed to move into the building after the 21st of March. We had some delays because of bad weather. It seems to me last three weeks it rained every other day.

The Tachikawa Church where we have a worship service until the completion of the building is very kind to us and allows us to use their facilities.


The Three Brochures

(1) Introducing Yokota Church of Christ

If the Lord willing, I hope that we will send out with a local news paper a brochure that introduces Yokota church of Christ. The brochure needs to be sent out a couple of times.

(2) How to become a Christian

I have never made such a brochure because the Bible plainly explains it. However, it is not so for those people who read the Bible for the first time.

(3) A Christian’s Growth

It is important for the Christian to continue reading the Bible prayerfully. Many Japanese think that a Christian is analogous to a college graduate. A Graduation Certificate proves the person is a graduate from the college. This is NOT a “Calvinistic” idea of once saved always saved. Japanese Christians need to be taught that it takes every day-efforts for the Christian to grow in Christ. He needs to know that the serious Christian reads the Bible and devote himself to prayers daily.

Correspondences with Yuji who is in prison in Sendai

He wrote me back a week ago and told me if even he can be a Christian. Probably it is easy for him to feel that way right now. I will continue studying the Bible with him.

The Japanese legal system is not so lenient toward the Christian practice of baptism as the US’s . I need to find out what procedure is.

Studies with Toshinori

He is 68 years old. He is an old business man and now has an illness with the problem with his nervous system. He cannot move around freely.

He reminds very much of the old man in a Christmas Carol. He is not as mean as the old Scrooge, but his god has been money anyway. He comes to the worship service at my house last 5 months. I am greatly encouraged by the change of his attitudes. The Lord has graciously responded to my prayers.

Japan School of Evangelism

I taught 1 and 2 Corinthians this year. Next fall I will have a three day seminar on the background of the New Testament, which is a very big subject. I will study it for myself in order to be ready for it. Also I will teach Minor Prophets in spring in 2010.

In His name,
Masa Nonogaki

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