Nonogaki Report Mar 18 ’09

March 18, 2009

A New Class with unknown people by Skype

Last week I received an email from two individuals who expressed their desires to study the Bible, but they do not know one another. This is quite surprising, although I was hoping someone will email me.

I have posted on my Intro-Bible site the free Bible classes that a person can take by the use of Skype. I prepared five classes. One of them is “A Survey of the Bible.” Both of them agree to take this class.

This attempt is really new to me. I do not know their background nor anything about them. I will find it out as we start the class. It will be very interesting how three people who have never met each other have a Bible class.

The class begins at 2:00 on the Sunday afternoon. It will be a 90 minute-class and be taught in the 7 class-periods. That means, next seven Sunday afternoon I will have a full load.

Audio Message on the Intro-Bible site

One of the reasons those two people applied for a class is that they could hear my voice through my audio message every day. It is just a five minute message. Probably they feel like that they know who I am because not just they read my articles but they can hear my audible voice.

It is quite challenging to me when I started posting my audio messages on the site. It was rather embarrassing especially when I thought my voice was terrible. . However, I listened to my messages and gradually fount out my short-comings. I tried to pronounce each word clearly.

Also I really appreciate the Lord has given me this opportunity. It is a good training ground for me. I have become more aware of my delivery and the organization of a lesson.

The Completion of the New Building

On the 26th the building will be legally the possession of the Tachikawa Church of Christ. Yes, it is the Tachikawa’s. This is a tricky business. Since the Yokota Church of Christ does not a religious entity, we asked the Tachikawa to be a legal representative for us so that we are exempt from real estate taxes.

Legally the Tachikawa takes a loan from the bank, but we pay it back. You may be concerned about it, but we have this relationship last 20 years. Our property and land have belonged to Tachikawa for 20 years.

I had to go back and forth to a legal office and bank for lots of paper work. I need to go to the bank at least two more times for more paper work.

In His name,

Masa Nonogaki