Ray Report May 25 ’09

May 25, 2009


Summer is already here. Spring seemed very short, but it is still beautiful. The temperature is only about 80, but the humidity is about 80% or 90%. I went to camp again Saturday and it was still beautiful, but fewer flowers. We almost finished the concrete foundation and are getting ready to start building the new cabin. I hope we can finish by summer camp.

We are preparing for LST. Only three weeks left. Our team is from Harding University and they are preparing also. Keep the Tomobe church, this community and the team in your prayers. We hope to have a good program this summer and many people hear about God.

For those of you who know Usami-san, she is doing better, but not cured of her cancer. God has been working miracles in her. She has
been going to camp to take movies and make a documentary about camp. She is also studying to graduate from OC by correspondance. She must be getting better. Keep her in your prayers.

Tooru Hirosawa
Tooru H.

Jean is getting the house ready for our LST team besides teaching several classes a week and other church work. Neither of us has had a bad cold this last winter. We have been teaching many people, but we have had a dry spell. It has been a while since anyone has accepted God’s call. There are several who know they should, but…. Please keep Shoko, Shigeyuki, Masako, Sanae, Akiko, Giichi and all of our School of Life classes in your prayers. There are so many who have studied the Bible for a long time.

Tooru H. has passed the test to a good high school. He is the young man who wants to be a preacher and has wanted this since he was in elementary school. I am teaching him a private Bible class once a week. He is doing quite well. I am teaching in English so he can learn English to go to college in the US. Keep him in your prayers, also.

Anna and Rima
Anna and Rima

Also, one of our young ladies, Anna, a 7th grader, went to Tokyo for her school trip. All the other students were buying things to offer as prayers to the idols. She did not and the other girls asked her about it. She said that she does not need those things. Her God was different. She told them a little and invited them to Sunday School. She hopes some of them will take her up on it and so do I. She has been bringing one of her friends, Rima, for several years. Rima is one year younger, so is still in the 6th grade in elementary school and Anna is in junior high, 7th grade. Pray for both of these girls to continue learning and become His children.

We thank all of you for your continued support. I have said it many times, but it is true. If it were not for you, we would not be here. Each one of the members here is because of your support. You send, we preach and God provides the fruit and receives the glory. I am thankful to be in the middle.

God bless you, Marlin and Jean

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