Nonogaki Report – Jul ’09

July 20, 2009

Preacher and Missionary Meeting 2009

Preacher and Missionary Meeting June 2009
Preacher and Missionary Meeting June 2009

From June 3 to 5 we had a preacher and missionary meeting. 25 of us attended this meeting. We discussed ” Discipleship of Christ” and encouraged one another in Him.

The oldest preacher is 82 years old. We have a young missionary who is 25. We need to have more workers in the field.

Tape Ministry

We have a member who cannot come to the assembly every week. She had a PC, but it crashed. I record a sermon and some bible messages on a tape so that she can listen to them. In this way she can be encouraged and stay connected to Him. In this world Satan is so active that no Christians can live alone apart from Christ’s Church.

Online Bible Study through Skype

Another student is taking a class. I have never met him and know only his voice. (I usually do not use a camera because it is sometimes destructive.) The use of Internet for Bible Study is nothing strange in the current society. He is now taking “Intro to Bible.” The way each class is set up is that I lecture a student for three consecutive days. This stops the student from forgetting what we discuss in a previous class. This is not all lecture class, but we discuss many things in Question and Answer time.

This week he will finish “Intro to Bible” and next week will take “Intro to OT.”

Here is a review the last student wrote. “Thank you. I studied the Bible by myself, but I have realized that I had misunderstood many places in it.”

Every month I know someone new who is interested in the Bible. I hope that I will be some help to those who seek God’s will. Here is my encouragement to them. “Keep on reading the Word of God even if you think you do not understand it.” I know it is not easy for a beginner, but I would like to help them discover the truth, which is their everlasting treasure.

The other day a lady emailed me from Sendai 300 miles north of Tokyo. She is looking for a church. I introduced her Sendai Church of Christ.

Payment for the building

Before the completion of the building, we knew that we had to take a loan from the bank. Our loan payment is Y6,500,000. Each month we pay around Y70,000. It will take 10 years if we keep on paying this amount a month.

I know world economy is in recession. I do not often hear good news on economy, but I believe the Lord is always on our side. He always takes care of our needs. I need to ask you to continue to help us to complete our debt.

Fellow Christians and workers from OK, USA

DSCF0023A group of 11 people came from Newalla Church of Christ OK in order to conduct VBS. The VBS started on July 20 and will end on 22. They have been working hard for the Lord. I am very impressed with their dedication and devotion to Him. Once again I am amazed at God’s power through His people. I will send you more pictures…

In His name,
Masa Nonogaki

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