Nonogaki Rpt – Oct 15, ’09

Challenges to Internet Ministry

There are many challenges in Internet Ministry.

(1) Several months ago, I received an email from a lady.  I have corresponded  with her for  some time.  I had written about her in a previous article.    She wanted to be baptized.  She happened to live near Hitachi Church of Christ.  I called Bro. Kushida, Minister for the church and told him about her.  I left her in his hands.  She visited the church a couple of times, but this did not go well as I expected.

She started questioning herself about herself although it is good to make sure she knows what she is doing.  Does she belong to any church?  Am I good enough to be in church?  For a while she felt out of place at the church.  She was about to decide that she would not go to the church any more.  She emailed me again and asked me for advice.  Again she and I corresponded with one another several weeks.  On 15 October today she called me and told me that she was resolved to go to the church and be baptized.   I am so glad to know her decision.  I am so happy that I could help her and be useful in the Kingdom.

I have learned a lesson.  Even after I leave a person in somebody else’s hands, I need to keep in touch with her or him.  I thought that I may confuse her.  I may say something different from what Bro. Kushida may say.   But as long as I am careful, it should be all right.

(2) Another lady called recently.  Her husband wants to get divorced.  They are temporally separated now.  She and I studied the Bible for a while.   She understood divorce is a wrong answer, but she knows she needs to go to him to be reconciled with him.  This seems to be a long way to go.

The husband’s parents are living across from them and supportive of their divorce.  She actually begins to have faith in Christ, which is very encouraging to me.  However, I do not find any churches of Christ near her.

I will continue praying for her and work with her.

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