Nonogaki Report – Sept 23, ’09

September 23, 2009

My website, can be reached by a cell phone user.  I do not have a definite statistic how many hits are by cell phone users.  There are 250 hits a day in average.   I guess cell phone users are about 2030% of all users.

The Lord has continued blessing the site with good contacts.  Several months ago, I received an email from a catholic lady.  She wanted to study the Bible more.  We emailed back and forth for a while….

I found it difficult to communicate by email about delicate issues and personal issues, so I finally called her. Since my cell phone dealer (Softbank) is the same as hers, I can call her free. It made it much convenient to call her. To make a long story short, I found out she was involved in Tokyo Church of Christ planted by Boston Movement. She noticed something and cultic and strange about the Tokyo Church, so she left it. After she moved, she joined the Catholic and become a Catholic. After a discussion with her, I knew she really wanted to be right with God. She told me that she wanted to be baptized according to the Bible. “The baptism I received in Tokyo Church of Christ is not right because I was in the Cult.” I have also found out that she is from Ibaraki and now lives in Ibaraki areas where there are many churches of Christ. I called Kushida, Minister for Hitachi Church of Christ. He happened to know her from his college time. Now she is in process of officially getting out of the Catholic and has started to attend the Worship service at Hitachi Church of Christ.

I always ask people like her if I can send them a bible passage daily.  I have never received any rejection.  Many of them are not a Christian yet, but I beleive they will be someday if the Lord willing.

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