Food Items for MUM

MemphisSkylineMemphis Urban Ministry (MUM) provides food items for the homeless and those in need.  There is a labeled box for items located in room 106 of the Education Building.  This will be an on-going project for the Park Family.  Feel free to contribute at any time during the year.  Families tend to need items that can be heated and served.

Items needed:  Canned vegetables, fruit,  soup, stew, spaghetti, chili, salmon, ham, chicken, sardines, Vienna sausage, potted meat, and  tuna.  Or peanut butter, fruit cups, snacks, and crackers.

“If we all were to purchase one extra can of soup every time we went to the grocery, thinks how much this would help the MUM food ministry.  If you would rather make a monetary donation, I will be glad to purchase food items for you. ”  – Sylvia Scott