Nonogaki Rpt – Jan 7 ’10

Bible Study on the Internet

In our congregaiton, several people come from the long distance. Also one lady has three little kids and has a part time job. These factors make people difficult to come to the church building in order to study the Bible.

I have an idea in order to solve the problem. Since I have been renting a server space, I thought about uploading study materials on the Yokota-Church site. Some materials are DVDs, but they are too big to upload.

The second idea is that “why not have a small server by myself?” This is only for the Yokota Church. I have never done this, but I try anyway. Meantime, the church members are studying the Bible by using DVDs. After they took a class, they ask me a question on the BBS in the Yokota-Church site. This is what they have been doing.


The year 2010 has begun.   This year I have planned to put ads as much as possible in the community if the Lord willing.

  1. This month I will get a church sign installed in front of the building.  It is not big.  It is about 15 feet high and 1 foot wide.  From the top to the bottom, it says “Yokota Church of Christ.”  As you may know Japanese people read from up to down.
  2. There are a sign on four elecrtic poles around the town.  These have already been installed.
  3. People in the east side of the town do not know even the presense of our church and its nice building because the Yokota Base has made people difficult to come around to the west side of the Base.   Therefore, there needs to be a church sign in the east side of the town.  I pray that this will be installed in March.
  4. On a local new paper, there is an ad once every month.  I realize this ad’s design is not so good.  I will need to change it.