Nonogaki Rpt – Jan 19 ’10

Preachers and Missionaries Meeting

On 19 January a preachers and missionaries’ meeting was held at the Yokota Church of Christ. 12 of us attended the meeting.


Monthly ministers and missionaries meeting
Monthly ministers and missionaries meeting

New Missionary Couple

A new missionary couple came to Japan in July 2009.

Shiro Obata, Paul and Stacey Herrington, Rumiko Obata
Shiro Obata, Paul and Stacey Herrington, Rumiko Obata

Paul and Stacey came to work with Shiro Obata, who is a preacher for Haruna Church of Christ. He was a former preacher for Ochanomizu Church of Christ.

Although they have been staying in Japan for such a short time, Paul is already fluent in Japanese. He is extremely sharp and very spiritual. Paul was a technician for ear hearing aids. Stacey worked for hospital. Although they had a very good job, they gave them up to serve for the Lord in Japan.

They plan to stay in Haruna for at least two years. Paul said, “All is in the hand of Lord.” Please pray for them that Lord will give them strength and wisdom to reach out to Japanese people. You may read their blog here.


When we completed the church building in March 2009, we needed to take a loan from a bank. We went to several banks, but our request was denied because we are such a small church. Finally we went to the bank in which Tachikawa Church of Christ has an bank account. Legally the Tachikawa Church of Christ took a loan from the bank.

The initial mortgage was Y6,500,000 ($72,000 @Y90). It is now Y4,000,000 ($44,000). Because you have been helping us pay it back, we have reduced it. Thanks so much. We pay back Y54,000 ($600) plus interest (about Y10,000 ($111)) monthly. The interest is less every month as we pay for the mortgage. The interest rate is 3.2%. This is relatively much higher than the average, but we do not have a choice but this bank.