To Save A Life movie

There is a movie coming out, starts today, called “To Save a Life” The Teens and myself are planning on attending it on Saturday, Jan. 23rd. I have already seen it and would highly recommend it to any Teen, parent of a Teen, friend of a Teen, or anyone who works with teens in any aspect. The movie is a great representation of what teens go through and struggle with everyday. We originally planned on going from 2-6 with time to talk about it afterwards. The movie is actually showing at 4:10, at the Paradiso. The movie is 130 minutes long. I am changing our meet time to 3:15 at the building and then discuss it after ending at 7:30. Just an hour adjustment. the cost is $7, (talk to me if it is a problem), I am still trying to get a group rate but I have to have at least 25 committed to going before I can get a group rate. I would love to have every teen that we know go to this movie, as well as any adult that is interested! If you are planning on going, please e-mail me back, and let me know how many are going.

Here is a link to the movie if you would like to watch a trailer or find out more about it;

This movie is rated PG-13, but here is why, it deals with just about every issue that teens deal with. It deals with them from a Christian perspective instead of a worldly perspective. The movie was written by a youth minister in California. I met the writer while I was at a Youth Conference in Atlanta, that is also where I watched it. Just like “Fireproof” was about helping marriages, this movie is about helping teens that are hurting!! If you think that teens are not hurting, please watch this movie and spend some time talking to me! Most teens are hurting in at least one area of their life, but Many are afraid to reveal that hurt. Worried about the stigma of “not being able to handle things.” This movie shows teens that they are not alone in their struggles. As a church, we need to be let the teens know that we care about their struggles and we are willing to help in any way, even if it is just being a listening ear!

I know that their are a lot of demands on your time, and your money, but please consider joining us for this movie. I know the teens in our church will be able to personally identify w/ at least 1 of the issues that are presented in this movie. In my opinion, this is more than just a movie, it is what our teens are really going through!!!!

If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE call me tonight. If you call me before 2, I will still be asleep and won’t be able to answer, but any time after 2:00pm would be fine!!!!! Also please RSVP and let me know who will be going w/ me, teens and adults!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with the young people at Park Ave. They are a blessing, and I love each and everyone of them dearly.

Through HIM,

Ron J. Sisson