Nonogaki Rpt – Feb 8 ’10

Bible Correspondence Course

Bible Correspondence Courses are usually done in a written form between a teacher and a student.  In this method, teachers and students write each other by email or regular mail. Also teachers and students should be matched.

I came up with an alternative way of reaching out to people by the use of Skype, but this is time consuming, too.   By the use of Skype I have taught three students who are living very far from where I am.

I want to try a different idea.  That is, a student can listen a Bible message on the and download teaching materials from the site.  I will prepare three classes: Intro to Bible, Intro to OT, Intro to NT.  Also he can have a dialogue with me or other students on the site’s bulletin board. I hope I will start this project soon.

I asked my fellow-preacher, Nao Fukushima, to record Gospel Messages for those people who have not known Jesus Christ or the Bible.