Japan Church News – Jan ’10

January cover of Fukuin Magazine

Cover: “… new things I declare …”  Isaiah 42:9

These are church news items taken from the January issue of the Fukuin magazine. The church listing is in order from north to west Japan.

Takahagi Church (Ibaraki)

During the month of December the Thursday evening Bible study continued.  On December 10 Koiwa, minister for the church, spoke in chapel at Ibaraki Christian University.

Hitachi Church (Ibaraki)

On December 11 sister Shioyamada attended the Ladies’ Meeting at the Mito church. There were ten who attended from eight congregations.

Taga Church (Ibaraki)

On December 6 the Lee Family from Singapore visited the Taga church. Tadokoro and Ikegami attended the Mabune staff meeting on December 19.

Omika Church (Ibaraki)

The Mana Group prepared presents for the Nazare Elderly Home and gathered milk packs. Joe Betts and his son, John, visited from November 18 to December 2. Joe preached the Sunday sermon on November 19. A special concern concert to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Tsuchiura church was held at the Urara Hall. Four from Omika attended. Eight people went to the Hitachi Work Camp to help prepare a cabin foundation.

Hitachi-Ota Church (Ibaraki)

Three members participate with the acapella singing group Voci Seraphim to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Tsuchiura church.

Katsuta Church (Ibaraki)

Following worship on December 20 we have a very enjoyable and close fellowship time for Christmas. Then on December 24 we have a special assembly. The lady who lives next to the church building attended and have since attended morning assembly. There were 24 present for this assembly.