Japan Church News – Feb ’10

February cover of Fukuin Magazine

Cover: “Come, follow me.”  Matthew 4:19

These are some of the church news items taken from the February issue of the Fukuin magazine. The church listing is in order from north to west Japan.

Hitachi Church (Ibaraki)

On January 1 the New Year’s Worship was held. There were 18 present with an average age of 24 years. We repaired the church sign which was blown over at the end of last year.

Taga Church (Ibaraki)

The church leaders’ meeting was held January 13. On January 17 after worship we celebrated January birthdays with a fellowship meal and making mochi. Following that Kitago-san was baptized by Huddleston in the ocean. We pray that God’s great blessings will be on our new sister-in-Christ.

Omika Church (Ibaraki)

On December 22 minister Ataka spoke in the chapel at the Nazarene Home for their Christmas assembly. Presents made by the ladies of the congregation were given to some of the blind residents.

Hitachi Christian Camp (Ibaraki)

From December 28-30 the Hitachi Christian Winter Camp was held.  Thirty people participated. The camp theme “Five Loaves, Two Fishes” was an opportunity to learn about abundant and never ending love of God. They also worked to build the foundation for the Naomi Cabin.