Hitachi Christian Camp – Work Camp May ’10

Hitachi Christian Camp holds a special place in many people’s hearts.  It is a place to get away from the daily routine, enjoy nature, fellowship, and share Bible study together.  Over the years many baptisms have occurred here.  But there are cabins to build and repair, roads and paths to maintain, and other things necessary to make it possible.

Several times a year there is a special “work camp” for those who want to get out into nature and also serve by building, cleaning, maintaining the camp facilities.  These are always times of good fellowship and even Bible study.

Here are a series of pictures taken by Takumi Fukunaga (Ochanomizu church member, permission given) of a recent work camp, May 3-5.  The main project for this camp was the building of a new cabin.  The foundation was laid at an earlier camp.  But there was also time for Bible study.  The theme for the camp was “I Am the Vine.”

Marlin Ray, minister/missionary with the Tomobe church, has coordinated these camps for many years.  He was instrumental in reviving the use of Hitachi Christian Camp and was camp director for several years.  That task is now filled by Hideki Ataka, minister for the Omika church.  Marlin continues to coordinate maintenance on the camp.