Japan Church News – May ’10

May 2010 Fukuin
"… will become in him a spring of water …" John 4:14

Hitachi church of Christ (Ibaraki)

The “Lamb Club” met Friday, April 2.  There were four groups of mothers and children.

Brother Kushida was at each of the entrance ceremonies for the ICU kindergartens: Omika-April 9; Hitachi-April 12; Takahagi-April 13.

On April 10 (Saturday) the minister for the Hitachi Taga church, brother Tadokoro, was married to sister Ikegami.  Brother Kushida was the master of ceremonies for the reception.

Following the worship assembly on April 18 a members’ meeting was held to discuss plans for the new year as well as the new year’s budget.

The Sunday children’s Bible class teachers met April 24.  There has been an increase in the number of children placing a hardship on the current teachers.  If you have an interest, please help.

Omika church of Christ (Ibaraki)

Brother Uzawa took nine students to Cambodia from April 12 (Friday) to 22 (Monday) to help with mission work.

From April brother Batten is president of Ibaraki Christian University.  We pray that the Christian spirit will thrive.

April Ibaraki North Ministers’ Meeting (Ibaraki)

The monthly meeting of ministers, Ibaraki north, was held on April 12 (Monday) at the Mito church building.  Those present included brother Sato (Hitachi Taga), brothers Ataka and Uzawa (Omika), brother Shigekuni (Hitachi Ota), brother Fukuyama (Katsuta), brothers Tsuneki and Osborne and sister Ingle (Mito), brother and sister Ray (Tomobe), and brother Iwazaki (Tsuchiura).

In the morning brother Fukuyama lead a study from 2 Timothy 2:1-13 concerning workers in the church and setting goals.  There was discussion following this study.  In the afternoon the upcoming joint worship assembly as well as the Cambodia mission trip, Hitachi camp, and the situation at the Mito and Tomobe congregations were discussed.

Mito church of Christ (Ibaraki)

Congratulations to sister Sato who was baptized March 28.  May the Lord’s blessings and leading be upon this new sister-in-Christ.

Brother Osborne and sister Ingle (an intern) safely moved to Mito March 30 (Tuesday).  They will being their work with the congregation on May 1.

Using Skype we had a joint worship with our cell group and Mr. Lippe, Mr. Meyers, and Mr. Little of the Naperville congregation.

The congregation had a going away party for the Hancock family on April 25 (Sunday) and at the same time a welcome party for brother Osborne and sister Ingle.

Tomobe church of Christ (Ibaraki)

On Sunday, April 11, the church met under the cherry tree in the church yard for a pot luck meal together.  Following the meal there was a general church meeting until around 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Following the worship assembly on April 18, under sister Nishimura’s directions we practiced hymns and expanded our repertoire of songs.

Haruna church of Christ (Gunma)

The home for blind women was established in 1968 in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi.  Sensei Funayama, sister Yoshiya, and others helped to begin this good work.  The home closed at the end of March.  We are thankful for its many years of service.  The Haruna church received their tape cabinet and children’s library.

Tachikawa church of Christ (Tokyo)

On Sunday, April 4, those able to work remained to put together the yearly report with many pictures (2008 and 2009 pictures were included).  Articles and personal testimonies were included in the report along with illustrations.  We are thankful for the help putting this together.

A memorial service was held at the church grave site following the morning assembly on April 11.  The sky was bright blue, but cold.  The cherry trees were not yet in full bloom, but we did have a flower viewing picnic anyway.

The church hosted the monthly ministers’ meeting on April 19 (Monday).

Ochanomizu church of Christ (Tokyo)

April 4 (Sunday) was promotion day for the Sunday school students.  Both adults and children met together.

The church hosted the teachers’ meeting for the Japan School of Evangelism on April 8 (Thursday) and for the school’s supporters on April 25 (Sunday).

Sister Yamada, a student at Abilene Christian University, will be in Thailand from May 25 until August 3 for mission work.  Those wanting to help with her support should see sister Hosokawa.

Nagai-san was baptized on April 25 (Sunday).  Though he is a Buddhist priest (僧職), he became a Christian.  This is very surprising.  Please pray for the new life of brother Nagai.

Okitsu church of Christ (Shizuoka)

The church hosted the meeting of ministers and church leaders for Shizuoka Prefecture on April 2 (Friday).  There were five in attendance.  The major discussion for the meeting was the October 11 joint worship and seminar for the Shizuoka area congregations.