Summer Study Camp – Haruna, Japan

We are used to vacation Bible school, but what about “Summer Study Camp”?  The Haruna church in Gunma Prefecture is hosting a summer study camp for local children and their parents.  The Herringtons, missionaries with the church, came up with the idea.

Japanese children usually have summer homework.  Like most children they would rather enjoy the summer break than do homework.  But on Mondays and Fridays from 9 until 11 they can spend some time together doing homework in the air-conditioned comfort of the church’s building.

During this time they will do some homework, have calligraphy class (church member and professional calligrapher as the teacher), do some crafts, sing Bible songs, have refreshments, and hear a Bible story.  Sounds a lot like vacation Bible school adapted to the particular situation in Japan.  The first day of camp brother Obata reports that over 10 children showed up.  Remarkable since the camp was only advertised by word of mouth.

While ministry with children is a long term commitment, many of the mothers of the children also came.  Seeds of good will, understanding, and God’s love were sown.  We pray that they fall on good and honest hearts.

Summer Study Camp – Mondays and Fridays in August