Rogers Rpt – Aug ’10

Thank you!  Please Pray!

Thank you for praying for us.  Please keep praying for us.

In these newsletters, we usually whine about needing MORE WORKERS into the harvest, and WE STILL NEED MORE WORKERS, but this month, we can also PRAISE AND THANK FATHER for blessing us.  He is sending us a new family, and, maybe one more dynamic young lady.

We are asking for a special season of prayer for a new family coming to Japan.

Leslie and Sara Taylor, along with their young daughter Cambria, plan to arrive in Osaka on August 18.  Now is a time of excitement and high stress and big and small decisions.

Leslie has taken a job at a private kindergarten in the Kojima area. He will not be working at our school, LOGOS, but we hope to work closely in evangelism and church planting for as long as God keeps us and them here.  You can keep up with them clicking on their name above

Leslie mentions these needs:

  • Safe travel
  • Easy acclimation for all of us
  • Blessings upon the pregnancy
  • Zeal and focus for the work that needs to be done in bringing people to Christ

As we share other news, we want you to see it as a reason to thank God and a matter to ask God to bless.


LET’S START TALKING had a great project in Kojima again this year.  In this newsletter, we want to mention NEW readers who are CONTINUING to read the Bible in a group or one-on-one.

Keiko K is the mom of one of our favorite LOGOS students.  She is very friendly and now seems like an old friend.  Hiroko K is the daughter of one of our long-time Bible readers.  Wakana actually came to the very first LST in Kojima in 2002, and again this year!  Naomi is studying the Bible and now has started a private English class at LOGOS!  Hitomi, a very troubled mom, has been around a while, but is just now starting her own Bible class with Sandy.

MOMENTS: Our lives, like yours, are full of moments that keep us going.  Recent MOMENTS include when Misato, a brilliant twenty-something was reading John 14 with me. “I am the way, truth, life, no one can come to the Father except through me” usually trips people up, but Misato took it in stride, saying, “Please show me where Jesus is.” During the previous study with Yukari and Misato together, I was telling them that God wanted to give them new life, they both perked up, saying, “Please tell us the details!”  I ask God for the words.

When TOMOMI told a LST worker, “I am not your sister YET, but you can think of me as your half-sister!


JASON, our current, and last for a while, intern, wants to work in Japan some day.  He is not in a hurry, but if the right situation presented itself, he would consider it carefully.

ERICA, a Harding graduate Walton Scholar from Honduras, did her student teaching under Sandy at Augusta Elementary School in AR about ten years ago.  She has since studied and worked in Japan and is now teaching back in Honduras.  At the moment, she is in Kojima on vacation and is looking for work in Japan.  Erika is a gifted teacher and a brilliant Christian.  She is almost blind from RP and uses a white cane to get around.  She inspires me.  We wish we could hire her at LOGOS, but we can’t now.  She has applied to a new elementary school started by DOSHISHA U., a very highly acclaimed university in Kyoto.


OBON IS HERE! THE Japanese festival of the ancestors is considered by many to be the epitome of the spiritual darkness surrounding this country.  Please pray for God to be the GOD OF THIS CITY in a way that draws people out of their darkness, and for us to be EQUIPPED to speak for Him.


God has let us meet several mothers who want more help and guidance in raising their children.

Sandy, Dr. Dobson via dubbed video, and Erika, are putting together a morning program for the moms and dads, we hope, and games and stories for the children.


A new foreign mother finds herself alone and having to work and take care of her baby in Japan.  We hope to be able to reach out and help her soon.

Thank you for reading, praying, and shining your light!

Brent and Sandy Rogers


Japan Mission Fund / Cloverdale Church of Christ / 3000 E Park Ave / Searcy, AR 7214