Albright Japan Trip – Aug 16 ’10

This past weekend we worked with the Ochanomizu congregation.  This congregation sponsored us while missionaries in Japan (1977-86) so we have had a long term relationship with them.

Worship with the Ochanomizu Church
Worship with the Ochanomizu church.

Sunday (August 15) was the first time for us to worship with them in their new building.  The church owns the property and used the top three floors (6- classrooms and offices; 7-fellowship hall and small meeting auditorium which can also be opened up to use as part of the fellowship hall; 8-auditorium with 225 seats but can accommodate about 30 more).  The second through fifth floors are used by the Chiyoda Ward as a social center for the elderly.  There are rooms for about 6 or 8 temporary patients who take physical and occupational therapy.  The first floor is shared by the church and the social center with a small office for each and separate entrances.

Saturday morning ladies' class.
Saturday morning ladies' class.

Josephine shared lessons with the ladies on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday I worked with Kazutaka-san, the church secretary, to set up for Sunday’s slides during Josephine’s class.  Following class the ladies took us both out for lunch.

Following Sunday’s assembly we had an Aisankai, literally translated as a love feast.  It was a pot-luck luncheon and time of fellowship.  Great food and good fellowship together.  Someone even brought a bunch of McDonald’s hamburgers.  I went for the sekihan and chirashi zushi.

On Sunday while Josephine taught, I took a walk through the neighborhood.  Yesterday, August 15, marked the 65th anniversary of the end of hostilities in World War II.  Prime Minister Kan expressed remorse for what had happened in the past.  He and his cabinet have declined to pay homage to the war dead at Yasukuni Shrine.  While China and Korea welcome this move, right wing activists in Japan strongly disapprove.  We pray for peace knowing that it can only be found in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Here is a clip of the Ochanomizu church singing “O Jesus I Have Promised.”