Rogers Rpt – Sept ’10

Dear friends of the Kojima Mission,

Something Happened!

After 9 years back and 6 years before that, a kind of a response!  Yesterday, after a few weeks pause, we re-started our Sunday Japanese Bible Classes / Worship.   And…the lesson was about the cross and I told them that the rest of their life would be either taking them nearer to God or farther away.  The words for cross (十字架) and crossroad (十字路) are similar.

There were four Japanese ladies there.  One of them, Mi-chan、 now lives in Tokyo.  The other three are Tomomi, Hitomi, and Kumi.  I gave them a 1-piont questionaire.

Do you believe Jesus is God’s son?

There were only three responses on the paper:

  • I believe
  • I want to believe
  • I don’t know.

Of the four, TWO BELIEVE, 1 wants to, 1 doesn’t know.   So, I am encouraged.

In other news,  Leslie is dong a one-month orientation, and things are going well.  Sara is becoming more and more busy with the ladies.  Jason has only two more weeks, and we do not have any more interns planned, so Brent will have to teach ALL his classes himself.  Poor Brent!

Our dear encouragers, Dwight and Josephine Albright, will be here beginning October, Lord willing. We look forward to that.

The parenting group seems to be getting of the ground.  They have settled on a name and a monthly schedule, and there seem to be several ladies committed to it.  We would like to  see some men, but … .

We are thankful for you!

By the way… Some time in August we marked our 9 th full year back.  Our younguns turn 28 and 30 in September!!!!!

Love, Brent and Sandy