Nonogaki Rpt – Nov 9 ’10

Okinawa MeetingOn 5 and 6 November, a gospel meeting at Naha Church of Christ was held in Okinawa.  This is the third time for me to visit Naha church of Christ, but this is the first time for me to conduct a gospel meeting anywhere in Japan.   The topics were:

1) God the Creator and Mankind Created as God’s Image
2) Man’s Sin and Burdens

Nobody was baptized.  It was not God’s timing.  The hearts of  those attending the meeting were not ready for commiting their lives to Christ yet.  76 people attended the meeting for two days.  After the meeting two leaders of the church came to me, saying “This is the best meeting in recent years.”    Perhaps the messages were timely to their needs.

I took a PC and projector with me.   Visual aids were great help for people to understand the message more easily.  Especailly the aids were helpful to  some elderly people because they have a hearing problem.  On the second day 10 non-Christians came to the meeting.  All of them paid a great attention to what I had to say.    I am glad I can be some help to those people who are seeking truth.

While I was gone, the Japanese congregation had a worship service by listening to a message recorded on a PC,   Tsuyoshi led the worship service while my son, Riki  led singing.