Nonogaki Rpt – Nov 22 ’10

The initial mortgage of the new building is Y6,500,000 ($76,500 if a dollar is equal to Y84).   Now it is coming down to $41,000.   In December we will make a payment $10,000.  In January we will make a payment another $10,000.  It looks to me that we will complete the payment early in 2012.

It costs a fee Y3 per dollar at the bank counter when we exchange from dollar to Yen, but I have found a cheaper way to exchange dollars to YEN.   I looked into every possible way and banks and stock exchange firms.  Mizuho Bank offers a better deal.  Suppose I want to deposit $10,000 on the dollar account.   At the Mizuho, it costs only Y500 ($6).  At other banks, it costs Y20,000 ($240).

After this procedure, I go to the ATM machine and get Yen equivalent to $10,000.   At the Mizuho, it costs only Y0.6 per dollar.  At other banks and firms, it costs Y1 per dollar and Y10,000 ($120).

At other banks and firms, if I want to exchange $10,000 to YEN it costs Y30,000 ($357).   This is awful!!!   The recent exchange rate has forced me to look into a better deal.

We need to actively reach out to people in the Japanese communities.  We have the following plan for the year 2011 if the Lord willing.

  1. On 21 March, we will have a Bazaar and invite Japanese people.
  2. We will start a Japanese Bible study on Wednesday evening in April.
  3. On 20 August, we will have a violin concert.  A son of Sis. Aoki will play the violin.
  4. On 23 September, we will have a seminar on “Raising Children.”   The teacher will be Bro. Obata.
  5. Sometime in January, we will get two church signs (both sides at the same location) set up on one of the main roads near the church building.

Meantime, on 16-17 April I would like to visit my friend, Mr. Yamaguti who is in prison in Miyagi Prefecture.   I will also visit Sendai Church of Christ in the prefecture and preach for the congregation.