Nonogaki Rpt Feb 25 ’11

I have put an ad that the church building is open to Japanese communities.  A group of six ladies are having a class.  They are making an original post card by drawing flowers or dolls.   One of them attends our assembly.  This is a great way to meet new people.

Ladies making post cards meeting in Yokota church building.

We would like to invite people to a movie night.  I plan to have it  at 18:00 on the third Saturday night.  Our  movie selction will be G rated movies for all people so that people can bring their kids.  I think this will be a great way to meet new people.  We have delivered 3000 brochures in Japanese communities around the church building.  I am looking forward to meeting lots of people.

From December to February 3000 brochures have been distributed in the Japanese communities around the church building.   I believe God used those brochures to move some people’s hearts.  A group of five ladies started a class on how to make an original post card.  This is a good start.  We let people know we are here to serve the communities and do something good.

My goal is to reach out to people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  From next month 4500 brochures will be distributed.  This is time consuming because we go from house to house to put a brochure in their posts.  But this has to be done because this is the most effective way to meet new people.