Rogers Rpt – Dec ’10, Jan-Feb ’11

A TIME TO BE BORN…AND a time to die

2011  Heisei 23

Since this is the December, January, and February newsletter,  I thought I should get it out before March.

Howard Ellis

Japan missions, and Kojima in particular lost a great friend in December when Howard Ellis, long confined to a wheelchair, went home to dance with Jesus. Howard had the courage of a pioneer, amazing integrity, and the spirit of a servant.

I am not sad for Howard, but I am sad for his wife and kids, and his friends in Kojima, and more than that, I am sad for our friends in Kojima now who did not have the chance to meet him.

Madeleine Taylor

On January 6, Leslie and Sara Taylor, in Kojima since August,  were blessed with their second daughter, Madeleine.  Mother and child were both fine and left the hospital in record time.  The Taylors have been a blessing to the Kojima work and we praise God for this blessing.

Progress in the Gospel

A couple of our students seem to be getting close, or at least closer, to faith in Jesus.  And one  student has not been seen for a while.  We try to plant and water and we try to trust HIme for the increase.

Reading the Bible for Themselves

This year, I am trying to help our Readers move a step closer to discipleship by encouraging them to read the Bible every day at home at a regular time and place. For many here, there is a common feeling that we CAN’T understand the Bible and, unfortunately, it probably does take more effort than it should due to the current Bible translation situation in Japan.  We feel something is very wrong when people tell us that the easy English version is easier to understand than the Japanese versions.  However, we know that  if they seek, they will find.

Like some American Christians, the only time they read is in their weekly Bible study or worship.  I have handed out Bible reading schedules and suggested they think of a time and place to read each day. We will see how it goes.  Please pray for them.

Introduction of Mentors in Faith:

Another thing we hope to start in April is setting up a dialogue between our Readers and Japanese Christians who have experience with the trauma and adjustment of becoming the first Christian in the family. There is a huge feeling that becoming a Christian is a betrayal of Japanese culture or a step toward becoming Westernized.  Although most of our Readers would admit that Buddhism is a broken and meaningless spiritual exercise, they are understandably hesitant to become the first in their family, and the first in our group, to become disciples.

Rejoicing in Health!

Last week’s pacemaker check was all good. They said I have 6.5 years left on my battery. That ticking sound is my valve, though, not m battery winding down.

Pre-school Teacher Needed Full-time!

A nursery school in the area is looking for a teacher of English.  A full-time job with reasonable salary and benefits.  They want  a two-year commitment.  Are you ready? COME WORK WITH US!

For more information please read this blog entry.

Please pray for:

  • The teacher search
  • The Taylors, as they seek the next step in their lives
  • Our Readers
  • Global calm
  • The church everywhere
  • Our wisdom, energy, and health

Thank you!

Brent and Sandy in Japan