Japan Quake Rpt: Mar 26 ’11

Dear Dwight:

Good morning. I will share with you some of the conditions here. It is still quite unpredictable. Yesterday as was told, citizens are fearful because of the nuclear accident, especially from reports that they cannot deliver goods to those living in Fukushima. In the midst of this we are all trying to encourage each other to keep a level head. The stress in children is beginning to be seen. They are writing about this condition with children.

Yesterday and today the television reported about an elderly lady living within 20 kilometers of the nuclear plant who have not been evacuated. The Self Defense Force visited her and encouraging her to go to the evacuation area. Her daughter who lives away had also encouraged her to evacuate. But because of her age, the grandfather’s dementia, and that they would be a bother if they went, she refused to go. “Whatever happens to me is okay. It is okay to be here” was what she said on television. There is truly nothing we can say about that.

On March 24 three workers at the nuclear facility were exposed to radiation. It was said, though I am unsure, that radioactive water escaped from the reactor. Over 10,000 have died. It is very bad especially in Fukushima and Miyagi. Help is needed, but because of the unstable situation they cannot accept volunteers. It is a dilemma.

In the midst of this situation, we who are prayer want to do what we can. There are signs that the gasoline supply will be enough. Now is the affect of water and food. In the midst of this brother Suzuki Atsuhiro, an Ochanomizu member who is working in Kyushu, is sending up water. We will deliver this next week as soon as we get it.  The youth of the Ochanomizu church and Ibaraki Christian University students will begin a ministry of delivering water next week. We think we will put some Scriptures with the bottles delivered.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers.

I will report more later.


In Him,

Noguchi Emiko



Dear Dwight: