Japan Quake Rpt: Mar 22 ’11

This is part of a note from brother Shiro Obata, minister with the Haruna church in Gunma Prefecture. The children’s home he mentions is in Nukada, Ibaraki, about 20 miles from Mito Station.

On March 18 I took a van full of Haruna vegetables to the Children’s Home. The children had not eaten any vegetables for a week. They were overjoyed to receive them. There is also destruction all over Ibaraki Prefecture.

3月の18日はvanに一杯のはるなの野菜をつんで、Children’s Homeへ行ってきました。子どもたちは1週間、野菜を食べていませんでしたので、大喜び。 茨城も各地に被害(ひがい)があります。