Japan Quake Rpt: Mar 22 ’11

This is an excerpt of a note from Steve Carrell, missionary in Matsudo, Chiba, working with the Matsudo congregation.

“The Matsudo church of Christ 50th Year Celebration was great – 26 attended, LT Gurganus, who established the congregation, spoke for us on March 20.

“Tokyo and Chiba – besides a few delays in gasoline lines – cars lining up for gas, things are pretty much back to normal in Matsudo and Tokyo. We can get almost all foods we normally eat. Went shopping at Costco and Gyomu Supa- and had no trouble getting groceries… even milk and vegetables. There seems to be no fear of radiation by Tokyo or Chiba residents that we can see. Some friends whose relatives are in Fukushima are not leaving.”