Japan Quake Rpt: Mar 21 ’11

March 21, 2011

To churches of Christ and brothers-/sisters-in-the Lord:

Tohoku-Kanto Great Earthquake Disaster fund raising – Interim Report

Praise the His holy name.

Recently, are concerns fund raising efforts and requests for something in writing, this is our attempt at reporting our current understanding.

1) Presently we are trying to gain an understanding of the damage to the church buildings in the Tohoku region (Hachinohe, Morioka, Sendai.

(1)  We hear that the Hachinohe church has continued to meet in a room (second floor) of the kindergarten (currently closed). The floor of this room for worship was damaged so the church is determining where to meet.

(2) We are trying to find out about the Morioka and Sendai churches. (There does not seem to be any damage to the Sendai church building from the reports we have.)

2) Ibaraki area

(1) The Nakaminato church building experienced the earthquake and a 4 meter tsunami.  The roof and walls were damaged a great bit. During Golden Week (about April 27-May 5) with the cooperation of volunteers (including students from Ibaraki Christian University) under the direction of the minister, brother Sekiguchi, will begin repairs. At that time we will give more information.

(2) The roof of the Katsuta church building has caved in.

(3) As concerns damage to church building these are the only two places we have received information about. Tile roofs of many members’ homes have been damaged as well as walls.

3) Brother Shinozaki, minister of the Numadzu church is currently planning on organizing help for church members and people in the Tohoku region.

4) Brother Shigekuni of the Hitachi Ota church was injured in a fall.

Suzuki Masao (Okitsu church minister)

各キリストの教会 ――主に在る兄弟姉妹へ




1)東北地方  現段階では、東北3教会(八戸、盛岡、仙台)に被害状況を知らせて下さるよう、照会中。




那珂湊教会 地震と4メートル近い津波により、会堂の屋根や壁等、かなりの損傷在  り。ゴールデン・ウィークの頃、伝道者関口兄を中心に、ボランティア(キリスト教大学の学生も参加希望)の協力を得て、修復工事を行う。その折は、改めてお知らせ致しますので、よろしく御願いします。

勝田教会 会堂の天井が崩壊





2010年 3月 21日


鈴木 政夫(興津教会伝道者