Japan Quake Rpt: Ray Rpt Mar 29 ’11


We are doing well. It is clear and cold in Ibaraki with temperatures near freezing or lower at night and about 45 during the day. We still get aftershocks all the time, probably 8 or 10 big ones everyday. I am getting used to them at night so that I usually sleep through most of them.

On the 30th, I will go to Narita Airport to pick up some things sent from the US. On the 31st, Jean and I along with a few others will go up to the Fukushima area and take these things as well as things we will buy in Tomobe. The internet has a list of things that are generally needed and we can get most of them here. We will also be checking as we go, to see what the needs are and how we can help. There are a lot of volunteers there and we may not be needed. Maybe just carrying things to them or maybe there are places that need help. I will do my best to find out. I don’t expect to be going much farther north than Fukushima, as the roads from that area are not passable. To get to the Sendai area one must go South, to Tokyo and then across to the Japan Sea side and go North. It is easier to do that coming from down south.

Another one of our members found some damage to their house, so we will work on that when we get back. The wife is in a wheelchair and the husband works part time. The church members have decided to help them. Still, only 2 other households have reported any damage. This damage is mostly on the roofs. They have covered them with plastic sheets to keep the rain out as it will take a long time to get them repaired.

I mentioned our friend’s facebook page before. They now have a website, too. www.workingandprayingforjapan.org. It is a condensed version which has some helpful information. Thanks so much to many who have already contributed to this huge need.

I will send out another report as soon as we return from up north. We plan to stay a few days, sleeping in our car.


Serving Him in Japan,

Marlin and Jean Ray