Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Mar 30 ’11

Here is a note and some pictures which I received from brother Shiro Obata, one of my mentors, former minister for the Ochanomizu church, current minister for the Haruna church, and experienced relief worker after the Kobe earthquake in 1995.  I think his comments show the emotional trauma which the nation of Japan has experienced, the determination/hope of our brethren, and our continued need to be in prayer for them and help with contributions.


この冬の寒さにも耐えてサクランボの花が咲き出しました。ハナアブももう来ています。自然のままに生きる力強さが見えます。私たちの群れもようやく腰を上げようとしています。希望をもって今を耐える長期戦です。はるな 小幡史朗

Rough Translation:  There has been nothing comparable to this Tohoku Tsunami/Earthquake.  From outside of Japan we have seen many prayers and outreached hands of support.  From my heart I am thankful.  Really I don’t know what I can do.  This morning I could not get calmness of heart so I went into the garden.

A cherry tree which had endured the cold winter was blooming.  A drone fly had already come.  I was able to see the simple enormous power of nature.  Our small group will be able to straighten their back.  With hope we will be able to endure this long battle.

Haruna, Shiro Obata