Japan Quake Rpt: Ray Rpt Apr 10 ’11


We just came back from another trip to the Fukushima area. Some of the roads that were lined with things washed up from the lower houses, have been cleared, mostly in the lightly damaged areas. The areas hardest hit are still like piles of junk, but of course, it is the belongings of those who lived close to the beach. Most of the houses there were not second, beach houses, but where the workers lived with their families. The count of the dead keeps climbing and the missing list still doesn’t go down.

We went to a junior high school gym where about 80 people live. They have put up 3 to 4 foot cardboard walls to give a little privacy. In this place were people who live below the school. The school was on a hill overlooking the ocean. Many didn’t get away. All the houses were washed away. There was nothing left of the town.

There was one volunteer who was cooking for the people. She has been working all day everyday since the tsunami. We came to relieve her for one day. Of course some of the people help her, but she does all the planning and overseeing. On that day, a 9 year old boy had a birthday. We went out and found a small cake and put whipped cream and strawberries on it. We sang Happy Birthday to him. There were tears in his eyes. His sister and mother were there. I didn’t hear anything else about him except that he has no home to go to. It was hard to keep from crying. I said a prayer for him, but it was difficult. I hope it was understood by the group. We gave all the children colored pencils and paper.

One lady was the fun maker. She came up to us and introduced herself in “English”. She tried to teach the children to speak in English to us. Of course she knew little English, but she was funny and joyful, most of the time. She also told us which ones lost houses or family. I am tearing as I write this. I wish I could go back and build new houses for all of them. I can’t bring back their fathers or mothers or other family members. They must move soon as school starts and the gym is needed. Some of the children go to that junior high. The memories they will have.

As the new school has begun, we will start our School of Life, English and Bible classes. I will have less time to go there, but I will make a day from time to time to go up and see them. Please keep us in your prayers.

Also pray for one of our members, Uemori-san. He has just learned that he has cancer, apparently very advanced. Also, remember Debbie Carrell, a missionary near Tokyo. She just had cancer surgery last week.

Serving Him in Japan,

Marlin and Jean Ray