Japan Quake Rpt: Osborne Apr 11 ’11

Hi Everyone,

I hope to get up early in the morning to finish my preparation for our initial trip to Sendai tomorrow.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been able to make contact with several in Sendai – including  Handa and  Norimoto (two of my language teachers) – whom I had not yet been able to contact. It was good to hear their voices and know that they are alive. God blessed the message I shared this morning, and our young adult cell was also incredibly blessed.

Atsushi, Sasha and I will travel to Taga church tomorrow for the Ibaraki-North ministers meeting, and after the meeting Shiro Obata, Sasha and I will travel to Sendai. We plan to stay with the Hosois this time. One of our goals will be to contact various friends and Christians, Chad Huddleston, CRASH Japan, and also through various other contacts with people, we hope to find a good way for us to serve, and to help. This trip is more about information gathering and seeing people face to face. Sasha has prepared our food to take along, so that we will not be a burden to others. It’s also because we’re not sure what we purchase there. We will also take a few things to distribute to others – batteries, garbage bags, water and fruit juices, socks. We should return (with Paul Herrington coming back with us – he’s been serving there for about a week) on Wednesday evening.

Please pray for our safe travel, and our time of discernment. Also please pray for the team forming and preparing to go April 29 to May 7.