Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Apr 16 ’11


世界中の人に助けられ、祈られて、あらためて人の暖かさをひしひしと感じています。神様のお知恵とお力をいただきながら、私たちはこれから長い年月にわたり、あの方々を忘れず、奉仕させていただきたいと願っています。はるなキリストの教会 小幡史朗


It has been more than 16 years [since the Kobe earthquake] and I think I had perhaps forgotten. But after being in Watari-cho and Ishinomaki-shi for only three days, my heart was burdened once again [with the destruction and suffering caused by an earthquake]. I hesitate to say because it may be rude, but this time is different with much larger destruction.

People from all over the world are helping, praying, and once again we are acutely aware of the warmth of people. With God’s wisdom and power, for long months/years without forgetting about these people, it is our desire to serve them.

Haruna church of Christ – Shiro Obata

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