Japan Quake Rpt: Osborne Apr 19 ’11

On Monday (April 18), three of us attended the Tokyo-West preachers meeting. It was decided that the money they have collected will be used to help two churches and an individual family with their repairs and rebuilding, and remaining money may be funnelled through the committee focusing on Ishinomaki.

Three representatives were added to the committee. That makes our committee 10 people (a nice mix of ages, both men and women, and many churches and regions represented). We are in the process of finding a truck to purchase for carrying supplies. We are finalizing the use of money. There is a possibility that up to 3 or 4 (besides myself) may commit to going several times a month for 3 days out of the week.

A group of 15 is preparing to go to Ishinomaki from April 29 through May 7. We will have a meeting/orientation on Sunday at Mito church. Other interested volunteers are now being directed to CRASH Ibaraki to help in Ibaraki and Iwaki for the Golden Week period.