Japan Quake Rpt: Hysten Mar 22 ’11


God continues to be gracious to us here in Shizuoka following the devastating Tsunami and major 9.0 Earthquake, Friday, March 11. Although we did not experience anywhere near the damage and loss felt in northern Japan, we are still very much on alert for subsequent aftershocks, tremors and tsunamis. Thank be to God, everyone within our immediate family is shaken, but well. We have felt continuous periodic aftershocks on numerous occasions, one measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale. There are varying reports as to the death toll thus far from the major earthquake that took place in and around Sendai, Japan and other areas within and outside the epicenter. Japanese officials are being very careful in reporting the count. Some estimate it will exceed 20,000. The injury to people is horrendous and the loss and enormous damage to personal, business and commercial property losses is at best a guess; essentially inestimable at the present time. Etsuko’s parents and brother sustained damage to their home, but they are all safe. They are currently without electricity and are fortunate to have access to water through a well owned by and aunt.

Several in and around Mito Japan, our former mission point, were affected. The churches of Christ throughout Japan have fared pretty well as far as the reports we have received, but some members did experience losses. Thank you very much for your prayers and expressions of concern. We are in the process of determining how we can help from here – both members of the church and some citizens of Japan – especially prospective converts. There is great concern all over about the radiation leaks and the resulting affect to people, agriculture and land and sea food supplies.

Please pray for the nation of Japan and us as we explore further what we can do to assist. For the most part assistance to those in need is being coordinated through the Japanese Red Cross, an affiliate of the International Red Cross. As we become aware and able within our resources to provide, we will do what we can to assist families, individuals and congregations. Please pray for us as we have been informed aftershocks, earthquakes and tsunamis are possible as much as one month following a major disaster such as we are now suffering the consequences from.