Japan Quake Rpt: GooSama Helps with Water

Goo Sama – Good Samaritan Volunteer Group

The Good Samaritan volunteer group with Ibaraki Christian University.

マレイシアから届いた水のうち、300箱を学園幼稚園・保育園へ。園バス3台に約100箱づつ。 積み込みは園バスのドライバーのおじさん6名、学生4名、教職員5名、教会の人2名で行いました。園児とお母さん聖句入り水ボトルを配ります

300 boxes of bottled water from Malaysia were delivered for distribution to the schools kindergarten and day care center. The school vans were loaded with 100 boxes each driven by six elderly.  Four students, five faculty, and two church members helped. The bottled water had a Bible verse attached and was given to children and mothers of the kindergarten and day care center.