Japan Quake Rpt: Group from Mito Church

Team from Mito and Other ChurchesThirteen members of a team from the Mito church and surrounding area left Friday, April29, for Ishinomaki.  They carry supplies and will assist efforts in that area for nine days.

Atsushi Tsuneki, minister of the Mito congregation, wrote:

We are thankful that so many people served in helping organize donations brought to the church building.

Some of the local elementary school teachers and principals (where our AETs are working) are very supportive of our relief work. They announced the need to their own school community, collected the relief goods, and brought their donations to school.

The school principal of Midorioka Elementary School came to the church building with Kendon, one of our AETs. They brought what they collected at their school. She said to me, “You never know how much we appreciate you. We cannot go there. It is so nice that you guys are doing this. Thank you so much for going there on behalf of us!”

I am also thankful for those who came to the church building today (April 28) for loading vans and truck until 9pm this evening. Mari brought some meal for us and some of us who stayed until the end enjoyed having supper together at the church office.

Please pray for those who are leaving here at 6am tomorrow (April 29), then heading to Ishinomaki area. May God work through them as they seek to be your mouth, your hands, and your legs at where they are sent.