Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Apr 30 ’11

I believe that you are doing well. I should say next week, but for me I venture to call it still this week. There is a lot to joyful events.

Paul, Ryosuke, Obata
Paul, Ryosuke, Obata

The number one joyful event is that one brother whom Paul has shared the Good News with for over a year now believes and will be baptized tomorrow morning (May 1, 2011). More that ourselves, I think that God in heaven is rejoicing greatly.

Also there are other things. Brother Nomura is sharing about his work in Korea with the graduate students at Fuller Theological School. After that he will speak at the Pepperdine Lectureship. His wife will accompany him and we pray for their health. We are sure everyone will be blessed by them.

Earthquake Relief Info: Fourteen young brothers and sisters from the Ibaraki area will be in Ishinomaki city until May 8. From May 8 brothers from Shizuoka and Numadzu area have been given the opportunity to help with disaster relief in Rikuzentakata.

Also I am so glad to talk about the future of Takasaki city with Mr.Tomioka who will be next mayor of Takasaki. I am supporting him. He was a previous president of Gunma Prefectural Women University and my high school junior. He is a good leader and he has a dream for the city.

My beloved niece Kaori Obata was married to Mr. Nakazatomi with my cousin’s arrangement. She is a daughter of the main stream Obata family. Through the years this family was unable to have a boy baby so was unable to continue the Obata family name. He is going to change his family name to Obata. This main Obata family has much history.

With many thanks. Shiro Obata, Haruna








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